The 2017 WCS Practice Round

In 2011, these guys introduced us to the impromptu draft.  They clearly had a message to send to the 2009 Captains who brought us the concept of team selection by algorithm.  They were also lowly middle managers at the time. Bisaillon ended up on top 21.5 to 20.5 over Koz in “The Battle of Middle Management.”  It came down to the last hole of the last match. 

That was then.

2017 Practice Round (1)

This is now.

These guys are now titans of the business world.  They are THE upper management of upper management.  They run the show. They’re the fucking bosses.  Which is exactly why they were tapped to host this years practice round. “The Battle of the Bosses” will take place on March 1, 2017 at 12:45pm.

Koz wants revenge.  Bisaillon doesn’t like to lose. 

So this practice round is where the rubber meets the road for these guys.

The only question that remains is…Which rubber will you be playing for?

A corporate shill who enjoys a fine Shiraz…or an entrepeneur who’s more of a beer kind of guy…but also has a weird cock tatoo on his neck.

2017 Practice Round (2)

Stay tuned.

These guys are in charge. They’ll be deciding teams, foursomes, formats, bets, etc, etc... 

Venue: The WigWam - Patriot Course - 1st tee time: 12:45pm 

Teams & Format:  click here

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